How I started ...

My name is Marwa Thabet and I am the founder and CEO of Yalla Halal.

My culinary journey started when I moved from Yemen to London in 2018 to live with my grandparent and three aunts to study my postgraduate degree in entrepreneurship.

Along with my family members, we constantly found ourselves reminiscing the beautiful cuisine of our home country of Yemen at the dinner table and I spent many evenings observing my talented aunt recreate our favorite dishes from back home.

Although I loved living in such a vibrant and diverse city, I found myself missing the comfort and flavors of the food of Yemen. Therefore, I searched high and low to find halal Islamic restaurants that deliver the same authenticity of my family’s home-cooking, however, I was surprised to find out that my home town Yemeni food was a scarce in London.

Nevertheless, over the past few years I’ve met many people from countries such as Iraq, Syria, Palestine, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan who are similar to me, felt that the incredible culture of their home countries should be shared and appreciated by more people. After hearing their stories and realizing that we all had similar struggles, I was driven to create a convenient, online food service that takes away the struggle of identifying / finding halal food and delivering an authentic, Middle-Eastern as well as Arabic cuisine; and this is when the Yalla Halal project was born...

Since 2019, I’ve been working tirelessly to combine the flavors of Arabic and Muslim countries to the people of London and share the stories behind the unique and varied recipes that this part of the world has to offer. By ordering from Yalla Halal, you are supporting independent businesses in London, as well as paving the road of my mission to inspire the people of London to experience a rich and vibrant culture.

Through Yalla Halal, you can order exquisite, freshly-cooked food to your doorstep with our easy-to-use website where you can find a range of talented chefs, who can cook food from your hometown, to give you authentic everyday food as well as extra-special dishes for occasions such as Eid and Ramadan.

Via this platform, I hope that people can experience and enjoy the incredible vibes of these celebrations!

I hope you'll give Yalla Halal the oppertunity to offer you the experience and inspiration of fantastic tastes and delicious dishes of Yalla Halal professional partners.